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Category: Adventurous      Duration: 1 hour          Rating:  7/10

If you love the idea of bush whacking and getting slightly lost then this hidden gem might be the walk for you! 

The Waituna Reserve is a valley in the Woodlands Park/Waima area. There is an entrance at the bottom of the driveway for 51 Rimutaka Place. This is a board walk that is about 15 metres long and then there is no path. At the end of Rimutaka Place there is a path that takes you to Huia Road, so this is another possible entry point.

I bush whacked down to the stream at the bottom of the valley. I then walked for about 20 minutes up the stream until I reached a waterfall. Heading back I accidentally headed up the hill a little too early so had to scramble past a couple of properties to find a way through to the road. It might be wise to leave something so you know where to go back up. I have lived beside the Waituna Reserve for 10 years so am happy I have finally explored this secret reserve.

Sacha Collins