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Anyone who has undertaken a home renovation, even a small one, will tell you that while the end result can be hugely rewarding – the journey can be super stressful.  From living in a temporary disaster zone, to budget blowouts, we can often be left wondering why we ever started!  So why, then, are renovation reality TV shows so popular?!

Shows like The Block NZ, Mitre 10 Dream Home and Changing Rooms have a huge following as we suffer along with our favourite teams or celebrate their victories.  Let’s face it, what’s not to love about vicariously watching other people’s dramas, perhaps helping us to forget our own.

One reason these shows are so successful, is the hook.  Catch sight of ten minutes of The Block while you’re tidying up after Sunday dinner, and the next thing you know you’re binge watching the highs and lows of your favourite team, with notebook in hand to jot down the latest renovation tips and trends, for hours on end.

There is satisfaction too in seeing disastrous situations resolved in a one hour time slot – most likely a lot different to the days, weeks and months of living through your own renovation project with no end in sight.  Another reason that these shows are so popular is that if moving house is out of reach many are now looking for ways to improve what they already have, and on a budget.

These TV renovation shows always go to the extreme, that’s why we watch them.  But in reality, if you are serious about home renovation make sure you do your homework first.  If you are renovating to plan to sell, get the advice of real estate agents you can trust, like The Dream Team, to advise you what renovations will add real value to your sale price, and what should be left alone as there is the danger of over capitalising.

We have a great deal of experience in helping owners prepare their properties for sale, and both of us have gone through the renovation process... and survived!  Get in touch, we’re happy to help and our expert advice is free!