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Category: Easy /Medium   Duration: 70 minutes   Rating:  9/10

Head to Piha and stop at the Piha Store for some delicious picnic food. I love their Affogato coffee with vanilla ice cream and their quiches.

Drive to the far north end of Piha. Head north on the beach and near the end head for the trees and look for a sign for the Laird Thomson Track. Follow this track to the top of the hill and go to the lookout point where you will have spectacular views of Whites Beach and further north along the coast line. There is a track near here that heads down to Whites Beach but it is recommended for experienced trampers only. Over ten years ago I slipped on this track and nearly fell a long way down so that is why it has taken me more than ten years to return to Whites Beach. Instead of taking this track head up the hill and continue to follow the Laird Thomson Track and this will take you to Whites Beach.

It only took me 35 minutes from Piha to Whites Beach so it is a relatively short walk. Have your picnic here and explore a cave at the far north end of the beach. Overall, this is a really beautiful walk with stunning views and it is easy enough to take the whole family.