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Got To Love "HOME HACKS"

“Home Hacks”… got to love ‘em!  Here are some favourite “must try” hacks.

Peeling sweet corn to avoid the hairy bits!!  

Okay, this is genius and so simple…

Just make sure the copier isn’t on zoom!

For mucky free painting…

To unclog and de-grime a  shower head fill a ziplock bag halfway with vinegar, secure it over the shower head with rubber bands, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, remove the bag, rinse the shower head, and enjoy the refreshing, fast-flowing water.

Use a magnetic strip inside a bathroom cupboard to keep metal objects like nail clippers and hair-pins in one place.

A wine box with insert looks great to store shoes.

Got a home hack you want to share – let us know! 

We love to make life easier for our clients when buying or selling property, and pride ourselves on our customer service.  There’s no simple “home hack” for great results, instead we put our extensive real estate experience, local knowledge and successful marketing strategies in place to get you your desired result – even exceeding it!  Give us a call to discuss how The Dream Team can help you!